We used to routinely gather without much caution given to our physical distance between one another. In fact, some of the subjectively “best” live entertainment experiences were no doubt shared in a jam-packed venue or space. In this pandemic season, we have been required to shift that perspective, and learn how to present live events safely. One of the best and most effective paths is the drive-in concert, church service, or movie event.


With the ability to remain safely in their cars or in an adjacent space, attendees can enjoy a live experience with the assurance of staying socially distanced. The key component to something like this is replicating the visual experience as best as possible with large LED walls – which can be viewed from quite far away while still taking in the experience. Whether it’s a speaker or band on stage, or simply playing a video/movie for a large crowd, our outdoor SquareV LED products have been up to the task! Having deployed 4 separate walls, each measuring 26-feet wide x 15-feet tall (576 LED panels total), IPS helped create one of Greater Nashville’s first drive-in experiences of 2020 at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park on April 26th. We then repeated this again on May 30th / 31st. Over 4,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs were able to attend these events, and listen to the audio feed safely and comfortably via the FM radio in their vehicles.

Drive-ins and other outdoor events are not only possible on a large scale, but can also be deployed for smaller crowds too. We even have LED screen sizes that effectively serve 50-100 vehicles, as we displayed for a July movie night in Columbia, TN. Our video products have also been used at drive-in concerts put on by Alan Jackson, Michael W. Smith, and recent venue-launching services for Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA. With the clarity, brightness, and resolution of outdoor LED walls, you can host crowds safely and legally in their vehicles or on spaced out lawns, fields, and parking lots. Let us help you by building efficient and visually stunning LED screens at your next outdoor event! Contact us for a custom quote.


Initially when COVID-19 took down the live entertainment industry, we saw many resilient musicians, artists, and churches immediately head to the internet. It may have at first been an acoustic concert on Instagram Live or YouTube, but many have also seen the popularity rise of pay-per-view style events from a living room couch, front porch, makeshift stage, etc.

Connection with your audience is so important in this time, especially since artists and bands cannot travel the globe playing shows for their fans in person. However, we believe there’s a solution to breaking through the noise of so many “iPhone concerts”. Using a few high quality pieces of production audio, lighting, cameras, and a video switcher, we can give your next livestream or online concert event the boost it needs – without being cost-prohibitive. Audiences are definitely taking notice of events and artists using even a touch of production value in their streams, whether they are free of charge or digitally ticketed.

Our friends in We The Kingdom recently partnered with us to launch their album, Holy Water, with an exclusive livestream event. Complete with tasteful lighting elements and pristine audio clarity, the event was all shot and recorded in our onsite production space. Thousands of people tuned in, and the band has since released the songs “Waking Up” & “God So Loved” to YouTube with more to come. Not only was this setup effective for a single event, the band and label smartly captured the entire evening for future release. We were extremely proud to partner with their team and help make a digital splash with the band’s very first album. In the same way, our production experts are here to support you and your next streaming event. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life.


Not only can IPS rent you the needed equipment and hire the best personnel, BLKBX is available inside our facility to deliver a location that is truly customizable to your event. Both in-the-round and traditional stage arrangements work flawlessly in BLKBX no matter the level of production desired. The multi-functional space is also ideal for rehearsals, video and photo shoots, tour prep, and anything else you can dream up. Call or email us today to set up a virtual or in-person tour of this incredible space!


It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year unlike anything we have ever seen in the live entertainment industry. We are thankful to still be a part of so many great live events, including but not limited to the new world of drive-ins and livestreams! Our vision is to be a trusted and efficient live production partner – no matter what shape that takes this year and into the future.