led wall

Immanuel Baptist Church exists to Exalt the King and Advance the Kingdom. The goal was to provide the church with an effective solution for delivering their message to the congregation.

After a projector died in Immanuel’s 860-seat sanctuary, the church recognized the need for an upgrade. Both projection and LED options were considered for replacement. Ultimately, the church moved to LED due to their contemporary service, which had outgrown their space in the church’s gym, needing a newer feel and expanded technology.

IPS deployed 80 SquareV Vi3 LED panels in two walls across the baptistry. Immanuel considered matching their smaller 11.5’ x 6.5’ projection screens but decided on 13.12’ x 8.2’ walls which maximized the space available. Vi3 was selected due to excellent image quality and reliability. The addition of the new Novastar A8s receiving card allowed for a larger dynamic range and color space than competing LED products. Brightness isn’t a limitation as LED’s emit light from each pixel. Objects can be placed directly in front of the screen without casting shadows. This removes the constraint of stage light washing out the image. Additionally, lower maintenance costs and long-term usability offset the cost difference. Lyntec push button sequencing ensured the system would be easy to use and optimized the panels lifespan.

Our team created a low-profile solution for hanging the wall, keeping all rigging within 6” from the top of panel. During the installation process, it became apparent the original method wouldn’t fit above the ceiling due to hidden structural issues. Without incurring any downtime, our onsite team developed an alternate solution that mounted the wall only 8” from the hardscape to the top of the panel.

As with many churches, this upgrade needed to be volunteer friendly. The system was designed to provide a strong user experience and flexibility. IPS provided training to ensure Immanuel maximized their upgrade. The completed project clarified the church’s message and broadened their reach.