grace chapel

outdoor led wall

Grace Chapel is a spirit filled church located in Middle Tennessee who is equipping people to be passionate servants of Jesus Christ. During the height of COVID-19, Grace saw a need to keep the church connected and therefore, partnered with 30 churches to execute “Beyond our Walls”, a drive-in at the Williamson County Ag Expo Center. IPS provided 576 SquareV V7W panels in four 26.25’ x 14.76’ IMAG walls to ensure all 4,500 cars in attendance could clearly see.

Following the success at the Ag Expo Center Grace Chapel needed a solution for their Franklin campus to allow the church to meet safely and responsibly. Our team deployed a rental SquareV V5W LED video wall to keep the church from losing momentum while a permanent solution was solidified. The ability to produce a quality service multiple times a week enabled Grace to keep their congregation engaged.

SquareV V5W was selected due to a proven track record of reliability and outstanding image quality. Grace erected a 20’ tall custom steel structure to support the panels in the cleanest way possible. The structure was designed for the ability to add a hoisting option as Grace expands their needs for the product. Additionally, our team ensured the 91-panel 21.33’ x 11.48’ screen was large enough to be visible to the entire field and the 5.2mm pixel pitch allowed for a minimum viewing distance of __. This enabled Grace Chapel to fit the maximum number of cars in the space.

Reliability and ease-of-use were crucial to Grace as they needed to be able to use the screen with minimal training. The flexibility of the V5W touring frame allows Grace to easily tear down the wall and relocate it to other locations on their campus for special events.
The entire project moved from quote to commissioning in under six weeks. The completed project left Grace Chapel able to expand their reach and provide a strong user experience to both attendees and operators.