GoNoodle is a content creation company designed to keep kids active in physical and mental activities while also providing improved behavior. GoNoodle made the move to their new suite in Cummins Station located in downtown Nashville, TN in early 2020. Our Team crafted unique user experiences for the GoNoodle team through the use of QSC Qsys equipped conference rooms and a studio grid to record content.

Each conference room consisted of a Planar SL6564K display, QSC ADS-6T surface mount speakers, QSC AD-S112-sw subwoofer, and Google Meets Hardware with A/V control through Qsys for video conferencing functionality. In the main conference room, a Planar EP6524K-T 20-point touchscreen was added for interactive collaboration. The entire system is controlled by QSC TSC-7t touch displays for streamlined operation. The Barco ClickShare CSE-800 system allows users to wireless present and collaborate on the conference room displays across the building. Booking and availability is indicated using an Extron TLS 725M display outside each room.

Throughout the office white noise emitted from the QSC AD-P6T pendant speakers keep background noise to a minimum and enhance productivity with GoNoodle’s open workspace design. Videotel VP90 media players push content to client supplied displays.

Custom environmental projection on the front glass window welcomes visitors as they enter. Additionally, our team deployed a 9-panel Planar VM55LX-X 4K wall to provide content as a backdrop for small social gatherings and video conferencing via an integrated PTZ web camera for their “All Staff Meeting”. This allowed GoNoodle to share who they are to their onsite guests.

Due to the nature of this install, our work coincided with the telcom portion of the install and therefore, our team completed nearly 7 miles of cable drops for the entire IT infrastructure throughout the office. Redundant fiber networking switches support the entire AV infrastructure ensuring zero down-time. The completed office is equipped in nearly every room with assistive technology for meetings and conferencing to meet the needs of any project they have happening.