farmington heights church

avl system

Farmington Heights Church in Eastern North Carolina exists to help people Know God, Find Freedom, Discover their Purpose, and Make a Difference. The goal was to amplify their message and eliminate distractions to the congregation. IPS built a working relationship with Farmington Heights through production rental for several successful events.

When the church began a phased renovation plan in the 900-seat sanctuary, Farmington Heights recognized the need to upgrade all AVL onstage. Ageing projectors and the audio system needed to be addressed.

Our team deployed a central SquareV Vi3 LED Wall that allows the church to deliver content without the limitations of traditional projectors. Vi3 was selected due to excellent image quality and reliability. The addition of the new Novastar A8s receiving card allowed for a larger dynamic range and color space than competing LED products. Brightness isn’t a limitation as LED’s emit light from each pixel. Objects can be placed directly in front of the screen without casting shadows. This removes the constraint of stage light washing out the image. Lyntec push button sequencing ensured the system would be easy to use and optimized the panels lifespan.

IPS installed a Digico S31 with D2 Rack serving Front-of-House and Monitor duties from the FOH location. The increased functionality of the S31’s ARM QuadCore RISC processor and FPGA core removed the channel count barrier of the old system all at 96Khz. Additionally, the flexibility of the Digico platform enabled the musicians to move to all stereo mixes and make changes via an iPad. Onstage, ACE Backstage pockets terminate to a custom user configurable patch bay, simplifying operation for minimal troubleshooting.

The completed project broadened Farmington Heights impact while refocusing the congregation’s attention in the room.