DiGiCo Quantum 338 & Klang personal
monitoring system


DiGiCo will be joining us in Suite 501 with the all new Quantum 338 console, featuring the Klang Personal Monitoring System, on September 24 & 25! This is the latest product in DiGiCo’s new generation of Quantum audio consoles.
“Representing a dramatic leap forward in power and connectivity within a remarkably compact format, Quantum 338 follows the Quantum 7 in defining the future of audio mixing, says DiGiCo. “Superior local audio connectivity and performance comes courtesy of new “Ultimate Stadius” 32-bit ADC and DAC conversion, which is built into the Quantum 338 as standard alongside six single or three redundant MADI connections, dual DMI slots and a built-in UB MADI USB recording interface.”
The console supports 128 inputs, 64 busses, and a 24×24 matrix with full processing. It also features a trio of 17” touchscreens and 38 faders laid out across the desk. Waves connectivity is seamless with the addition of a Soundgrid DMI card, which we will have available as well.
Don’t miss this opportunity to spend some time on the desk yourself, and hear the power of Klang’s monitoring system first hand! We will have demo tracks for you to utilize, or you can bring your own tracks to hear on the desk. DiGiCo reps will be on site as well to offer tips, tricks, and show you everything that the Quantum 338 can do. We are taking reservations for private group sessions, so reserve your time on the Quantum 338 now!