biltmore church

audio system

Biltmore Church exists to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus who reach up, reach in, and reach out. They have made the top 70 largest churches in the US for the past 5 years with 6 campuses across the surrounding Asheville area.

Biltmore’s Arden campus had an aging audio system that was beginning to have problems. After a catastrophic failure during a Sunday service the issue had to be addressed. The solution was outfitting the 2,200 seat Arden campus with a new tour grade d&b audiotechnik line array system. High-performance d&b Y and J Series were chosen to maximize budget and evenly cover the space. The main arrays consisted of six Yi12’s and two Yi8’s per side. Two Vi7P sidefills and six 8S front fills completed the system to ensure every seat was consistent. Four flown J-Subs and two J-INFRA’s under the stage provided ample low-end coverage. The system is powered by eight d&b 30D’s and one 10D amplifier.

With a clean look being crucial, the infrastructure was designed with appearance and ease of operation in mind. Whirlwind SB NL Series breakout boxes located on each array frame used two NL8 connections per side. This kept cable runs to a minimum and allowed for full ArrayProcessing. Additionally, a full waves system was added to Biltmore’s Yamaha CL5 to maximize the system’s potential. Our team worked alongside Lyntec to create a 42-circuit system controlled by an RPC Panel to ensure a volunteer friendly solution for push button sequencing.

Over the years, we have helped Biltmore add their en Español campus as well as move the East and Franklin campuses to their new homes. From the beginning, our main goal has been to provide AVL design and installation solutions to be identical for each location making volunteer tech training consistent and efficient across all campuses.