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IPS was started by Nicholas and Nathan in 2016 as TREVE Design and Production. The main goal of TREVE was to provide exceptional quality and customer service. Nicholas and Nathan used their industry experience to grow TREVE into IPS or Integrated Production Solutions.

At IPS we know that you want to be confident in the environments & experiences you are creating. This is why we strive to live out our Core Values.

  1. Collaborate with great minds
    Surrounding ourselves with other experts in the field propels us to grow and reach new heights together. We invite input from those wiser than us.
  2. Build community
    We are welcoming and value all people; championing our clients, partners, and peers in the industry. Collaboration over competition.
  3. Treat others with honesty and respect
    Love your neighbor as yourself.
  4. Remain accountable, passionate, and positive
    We want to foster a safe environment where it’s ok to fail – if you’re working hard with a good attitude. Everyone on the team knows their role, when to speak up, and feels the freedom to do so.
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our team

nicholas brown


nathan sprayberry


emily brown

director of hr

caleb nichols

director of finance

alexa simpson

director of marketing

andy bosquet

integration gm

kevin poole

integration senior acct manager

carter music

integration acct manager

bryan levy

integration system designer

steven samuels

production gm

scott cunningham

global acct manager

zach henderson

production acct manager

Kasey leahy

spaces/events manager